Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Eight of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Sunday, January 30th

There's a part of me wishing I didn't put this out there for everyone to read because I feel that it's probably a disappointment to some people who might be reading it. My intentions were to get inspired and do better since I had to be "accountable" for everything I ate and for my workouts and hopefully show other people that it is also a lot of work for me as well to be in shape.
In a way, I do think it has kept me pretty consistent with my cardio workouts, although it hasn't really curbed my snacking, which I've been doing since I was little. At least now my "snacks" aren't ice cream, licorice, nachos, etc... If your detecting a bit of "negativity" from me at this point, this is just a result of my PMS, which starts 7-10 days prior to the onset. Unfortunately, I was thinking of that when I started this, but after so many years of it, I can at least recognize it and not let it take over me. Oh well, here it is:

Food and Workout for the Day

-7:00am 2 cups of coffee home
-9:15am protein bar on way to gym

*35 mins. Elliptical (level 6-8)
*13 mins. on Stepper (level 1) it seemed a little easier today than the first time I tried it

(trained 2 clients)
-11:45am had a big salad with spinach and collard greens, tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms, and balsamic dressing
-2:00pm coffee at work (worked 1-9pm at HUMC)
-3:30pm protein bar
-5:30pm small bag of Soy Crisps from Duane Reade & Iced Coffee w/Peppermint & Soy milk from Starbucks

-9:00pm Luna Bar on way home from work
-10:00pm cheddar pretzels
-10:30 rice cakes with hummus
*11:30 BED

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