Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Twelve of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Wednesday, February 2nd

I woke up in much better spirits today now that my hormones are back in line.... Cindy Fox Fitness is back!!!

-7:00am 2 cups of coffee (of course)

-10am went to Retro Fitness and did 45 mins. of weight machines and abs with my friend Miriam Weiner, "Routes To Roots" (very successful genealogist). I then did 32 mins. on the Elliptical (level 6-9) with Robert (Naked Cowboy)

-12:30pm grilled veggies left over from the night before
*highlighted my own hair:)
-3:00pm EAS Soy Protein shake with a banana, water/soy milk, ice, flax seeds, and cinnamon in blender
-3:30pm coffee & a Luna Bar

*5pm trained a client at VIP Fitness, Lyndhurst
*6pm trained a client at Secaucus Recreation Center
*7:30 cooked Hamburger Helper for the kids and fish and veggies for Robert (unfortunately, I have to buy and cook animals and fish as much as it bothers me, but I am "Mom" first)

*2 glasses of wine (Manuel Campos, Tempranillo)
(Watched "Untamed Heart" with Christian Slater and Marissa Tomei)
*rice cakes with Hummus
*cheddar pretzels
-11:30pm BED

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