Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Fit To Fabulous" Update

May 21, 2011
Back in February I started an accountability journal and called it "Fit To Fabulous in 14 Days". I blogged each day about everything I ate, all of my workouts, and my weight on day 1, day 5 or 6, and on day 14. I must reiterate that I do NOT normally weigh myself often, and only once a week if I'm actually trying to lose "weight". I also want to be clear that the scale is NOT the most accurate way to measure your success if your objective is to lose body fat.
A very fat person can lose a lot of "weight" on a scale quickly if he/she suddenly starts dieting or exercising. When you're down to the last 5 or 10 "pounds" you're trying to lose, it's going to be much slower. If you're lifting weights and dieting, you will gain muscle and lose fat which will make you more defined and look thinner, but since muscle weighs more than fat, on the scale it will seem that you haven't lost anything. That is why it is important to get your body fat% measured before you begin so you know exactly how much you've accomplished.
If you've read my 14-day journal on here, you'll see that I did a lot of working out (more than usual), which included both weight training and a variety of cardiovascular exercise, along with tracking my food. I am practically vegan and my eating habits are generally very healthy so I didn't claim to be "dieting", although I wrote everything down so I would know if I needed to make changes along the way. I started weighing 137lbs with the goal of getting down to 132, which I haven't seen in about 16 years. After 14 days of increased workouts, I actually gained 1 pound. I was furious and depressed and stopped doing my journal, which I know made it worse.
In my conclusion to that journal I tried to stress the importance of being consistent and NOT giving up! I hoped it at least showed all the people who come to me for fitness advice that I also have to work very hard to stay in shape and I completely understand what they are going through.
Now it is 3 months later and I have 13 days until my first performance as "Naked Cowgirl" singing my new song "Ride It Like A Cowgirl" available on iTunes. You can text "cowgirl" to 82257 for udates on events and also find me on Facebook as "Naked Cowgirl" for details about the show.
I started "dieting" 11 days ago, which for me means cutting back calories, but trying not to cut back my protein, since my intake of that is a little low as a vegan. I've also been running a bit more, so to compensate I've started lifting heavier weights so I don't lose my muscle. I weighed just under 136 last Tuesday when I started and was down to 133 1/2 this past Tuesday. Well, gotta Run! Check out my website and follow my links to Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace and remember...NO EXCUSES!