Saturday, January 22, 2011

From Fit to Fabulous in Fourteen Days!

I'd like to start this blog by saying, "I know I'm not FAT, under most people's description of the word, but when you're in front of a camera and possibly on TV, there's no room for error". When you're wearing revealing clothes (like a bikini), standing in a certain positions can make a "roll" in the mid-section or a shadow that accentuates cellulite, even if there's very little. Just take the tabloid magazines for example; some of the hottest celebrities have been put on the cover in the most unattractive photos.
With that said, I am giving you just a little background of my dieting history so you realize I can TOTALLY relate to what any of you go through with your attempted weight loss. After this first blog, the rest will be more up a journal-type entry with food intake and workouts of the day, and weigh-ins about every 3-4 days, which I usually do only a couple times a month.
All through school I was very active with gymnastics, cheer leading, softball, and by senior year I was an "aerobic instructor" too. I ate whatever I wanted (and I ate a lot!) and never worried much about my body until my senior year when I was nominated "class pin-up", which made me pay attention to my figure. Once I graduated and got an office job where I sat on my butt most of the day, I put on a quick 10 lbs. and NOTHING fit me or looked good anymore. I got very depressed about my job and my chubby body and turned to food for enjoyment. This is when I became "obsessed" with food and my body. Almost all of my thoughts were consumed with what i ate, was going to eat, shouldn't eat, and how much I needed to workout to burn if off.
I tried diet pills, laxatives, Slimfast drinks, starving and then binging, and induced vomiting. I even ended up in the intensive care unit at 18 for taking an overdose of Maximum strength Dexatrims (with caffeine) with the intentions of getting sick and not eating for a few days for a quick fix. I was bulimic from 19 until about 4 years ago (off and on). So I DO KNOW
I have learned to avoid what triggered my binges, which for me was sugar; kind of like an alcohol who can't have JUST ONE DRINK. It's not the 300 calories in a piece of cake that did me in, it was the other 6 pieces that followed. Any EXTREME diet, like liquid diets make my start obsessing and work against me instead of for me. I have decided to do "the best I can do" over the next two weeks without making myself crazy and see what difference it makes. I am calling this "accountability journal" From Fit To Fabulous in Fourteen Days" and will try to log in daily with my initial weight, may daily food intake (good and bad), and my workouts for the day. Stay tuned if you're interested.