Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"Fall Back" Time - Reflecting On the Year

I wrote a blog about Daylight Saving Time and how it effects most parts of the world pertaining to airline schedules, the New York Stock Exchange, daily routines, etc...and can't believe that was two years ago already!
Some people say "time flies when you're having fun", but in reality, it passes by regardless of how you spend it so you might as well try to have as much fun as possible and enjoy the ride! Instead of focusing on how dark the mornings will be when the clocks get turned back, or the extra hour of daylight in the evening, why not use this semi-annual changing of the clocks as a time to reset your internal "mental clock"?
As a personal trainer for 30+ years I've heard more excuses pertaining to "lack of time" as to why a person has to wait to start their new workout plan, diet, or other "future" goals. Does "right after the holidays", or "when the kids go back to school" sound familiar?  "Spring Ahead" and "Fall Back" are globally known as a change in almost every one's schedule on the planet. Why not use Daylight Saving Time to reflect and re-evaluate the things in your life you've been putting off or wanting to change? Why wait for January 1st for a new resolution?
     I am also guilty sometimes of procrastinating when it comes to doing things I don't want to do. Sometimes there's a fine line between what we say we WANT...and what we really do NOT want at all. That is the tricky part sometimes...figuring it out! Instead of spending an extra hour tomorrow morning sleeping (which is impossible anyway!) or playing on the computer, I'm going to focus on the things that make me happy and fulfilled and stay away from negative thoughts that bring me down.
In the last 18 months I've had one son come back from the military and then the other leave for USAF Basic Training, I ended a 2-year relationship and have since began another, I've been up and down with my weight as well as my emotions, and went from being strong and fit to having shoulder surgery. 
This Sunday, November 1st most people in the world will turn the clocks back and gain an hour of sleep, maybe after some Halloween mischief the night before. What if you get up at the same time spending that "extra" hour meditating or writing out your goals, being proactive in how your future days will turn out? Do you think spending that "extra" hour focusing on your goals can possibly help bring them to you like the "Law of Attraction" suggests?What do you have to lose? You can't even blame it on time! I'd love to get a response from anyone reading this and willing to try this with me tomorrow morning. In six months when it's time for the clocks to "Spring Ahead" we can follow up and reset some new goals!
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