Friday, September 30, 2016

When One Door Closes...

When one door closes another door opens...or so I've heard many times from friends and family over the years. I've caught myself forwarding those words of wisdom to some people close to me for one reason or another lately. As hard as it is to "let go" of the things or people we've grown to love, I believe it's not until you finally do let go that you truly open yourself up to something better coming into your life.
      Many times we complain about our situations, relationships, jobs, etc...but don't have the courage to leave and find something that might make us happier. We get comfortable in our surroundings even though some of the "attachments" we are holding on to are just giving us a false sense of security. It's not until we either find the strength to release the hold on us, or in some cases we are "let go" not by our own choice. It's normal to be sad over a breakup, or worry about losing a job or being relocated. I personally tend to obsess over many things less important than that. so I am not excluding myself from this. Live and learn is what it's all about!
     We all recover from set backs at different paces, but once we finally do come to terms with the inevitable, there's a sense of a weight lifted off of our shoulders and finally we can see the light again. If only there was a way of skipping all of the pain and suffering that comes with worrying, and just realize how many obstacles we've overcome in our lives already, we would KNOW everything will work out one way or another. It's that moment when we release the negative energy and stressful baggage in our lives that we make room for the positive energy and new great opportunities to fill our hearts, minds and our lives. This was just meant to be a little reminder of what most of us already know :)