Friday, November 2, 2012

The Virtual Gestation Crate :: :: Visual Resources For Animals

The Virtual Gestation Crate :: :: Visual Resources For Animals
These animals are giving up their entire lives to feed you...the least YOU can do is help them live a untorured life and die quickly without being tortured the whole time. Watch this video and sign the petition.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Three Days In A Time Capsule

     I'm sure most people over the age of 30 have seen the movie "Back To The Future" with Michael J. Fox, which is about a nutty professor that builds a time capsule and brings both of them back to a time before Michael J. Fox's character was even born. It's an interesting concept and a funny movie. I have just had three days of what I would describe as being in a time capsule that took me back to the 1960's (the attached photo is me around Halloween of 1966)
     It's amazing how much we all take for granted the conveniences of cable TV, the computer with Internet, telephones, and not to mention the most important...electricity! Considering my complex is on a river, I am one of the lucky ones in New Jersey to have not suffered damage to my property during Hurricane Sandy, although my daughter's car has puddles in the back seat, wont start, and has been declared "totaled" by S & S Auto in my town. That is nothing compared to so many others around me. The video shows the bottom of the block where her car was parked behind my complex.
     I tend to be so caught up in my own world all of the time, worrying about things I need to do (or THINK I need to do) every day that I am often oblivious to all of the chaos that is going on around me. Why is it that my mother, who lives in Florida, calls me up in her own panicked way to inform me of what is going on around me? Maybe because the only news I see is from the TV at the gym which has no volume and I can't see the captions from the elliptical, or from a post someone puts on Facebook. Other than that, I'm so busy running from one job to another that I only find out about the important things going on when someone calls me or sends me a text or email.
    I was one of those people still shopping at the stores while they were being boarded up or already closed a few hours before the worst of the hurricane hit the area.  I managed to buy a Dora The Explorer flashlight at CVS, a Power Inverter for my car at Walmart, and a hibachi grill and charcoal (not realizing I have gas burners) at Home Depot, all just "in case" I lost power...which of course I did.
     After getting home from shopping for "emergency supplies" (and receiving 3 more calls from my mom telling me to be worried) I realized that my refrigerator hasn't been this packed in a long time, which is always the way! I decided to become Betty Crocker and start baking and cooking as much as I could so at least the food would be edible the next day and not get wasted. Although I am Vegan and don't eat animals, I do have to still cook for my kids, so I made a meatloaf, barbecue drumsticks, baked potatoes, hard boiled eggs, and muffins, plus there was Baked Ziti from the day before. The lights flickered off and on about 8 times before they finally went off for good around 7pm, luckily after I finished using the oven.  My kids didn't mind reading with small flashlight or to candle light, but that didn't seem appealing to me since my one eye started bothering me, so I just cleaned some messes and went to lay down early.
     I woke up Tuesday shocked to see my alarm clock blinking...let there be light! We are one of the few fortunate families in my town to have restored power. Although I didn't feel well, I figured I'd take advantage of having no cable TV/Internet service although I almost never watch TV, but I do get caught up on that computer for too long. I decided to finish painting something I started 6 months ago, which went to painting my hallway, and eventually I bought more paint and started my kitchen. It's been a while since I was home for 3 days with my kids and had the opportunity to cook for them and actually sit and talk to each other, as well as catch up on so many household chores that I never get to do when I'm on the computer, out running errands or working out.
     I am one of those people that cannot miss a workout for more than two days (or at least, I WASN'T!) without getting totally irritable and gaining weight. I decided last Saturday morning that I would take the weekend off from the gym, since I had not missed a day in almost 3 weeks. Little did I know that this so called "Hurricane" we were supposed to be getting hit with was going to be a REAL Hurricane this time and knock the hell out of this area! So here it is almost one whole week since I've worked out because the gyms I teach at or work out at were all closed due to power outages and water damage. I won't dare get on a scale or put on my bikini right now, but as long as I stay busy and productive I will keep my sanity. Actually, I forgot how much I liked being a "stay-home" mom and being domesticated when my kids were young and I was living a different life.
     Last night I was very calmly painting my kitchen when my son very excitedly informed me that we have Internet again. For some reason my Verizon Droid 4 was not allowing me access to the Internet on my cell while I was home for the last 3 days. It was like my Time Capsule instantly propelled me from the 1960's right back to 2012. My cell started vibrating all over my counter every time a message came in from Facebook, Hotmail, Yahoo and every other social network I am involved in on top of the text messages I was already getting. It has taken me hours to get through this blog today since all of the interruptions I wasn't getting yesterday are now affecting me today. I guess that's why we all need to be proactive instead of "reactive" when it comes to time management and know when it's time to "SHUT DOWN" the power.


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cindy Fox Fitness- Be Inspired!: Suddenly...NOTHING!

Cindy Fox Fitness- Be Inspired!: Suddenly...NOTHING!: January 21, 2012 I never seem to have enough time to do ALL of the things I want to do, have to do, should do, etc... When I finally f...


January 21, 2012
     I never seem to have enough time to do ALL of the things I want to do, have to do, should do, etc... When I finally find some extra time, I get overwhelmed with all of the things I finally get to do and can't decide which one to start with, or I get so involved with the details of one project, that it seems I got absolutely nothing done!
     I know this is the reason why making a "to-do-list" is very important and helpful when it comes to prioritizing and staying focused on the tasks at hand, especially if you're a bit hyperactive and  "multi-task" oriented like I am. I actually enjoy plane rides because I'm forced to sit still for more than 10 mins. and given the opportunity to write in my journal, collect my thoughts, and read more than 2 pages in a good book that I keep attempting to read. I get so motivated about the great ideas I come up with and future projects I plan to tackle.  The problem is that after my trip is over and I'm back home, all of the "have to's" are waiting for me when I walk in my door and it seems like all of my planning has gone out the window.
     Here I am 6 days after returning from my Texas trip sitting on my couch sick. I did NOT get sick standing out in Times Square in a bikini, since I haven't even been there in 2 weeks or so. The ONLY time I get sick is when I let myself get run down and over stressed.  The stress that comes with traveling such as packing, carrying heavy bags, sitting squashed between two people that aren't respecting my "personal space", renting a car, getting lost, and then trying to get comfortable in a strange all just the normal traveling stress most people experience. I was going to see my son at Lackland Air Force Base graduate from Basic Training in the morning after not seeing him for 8 1/2 weeks and realized (at midnight) I lost the tickets to get us onto the Military Base, which was only administered after criminal background checks were done on anyone attending the ceremony. That was my biggest FREAK OUT of the trip!
     Luckily God looks over me and I was able to drive to the base at 12:30am and get new passes. The first time seeing him would be at 8am during his Airman's Run (which is a BIG deal) and we were in traffic and then lost on the base at 8:03. The thought of missing him and having him think I wasn't there for him was making me sick.  We missed the beginning of it but luckily were in the place where the troops would be finishing up. The smile on his face when he finally saw us at the very end of his run started my first crying episode. Yes, there were many of those moments!
Next was the Coin Ceremony which was outside in the freezing cold (in the 30's). I'm pretty convinced that 30 mins. in a bikini in Times Square is easier than 2 hours with clothes and a coat. Seeing him march onto the field and then receive his ceremonial coin was another very proud moment. I was informed that he would not be released from the field until I came up and touched his shoulder, then he could leave with his family. I ran over to him, touched his shoulder and finally gave him a big hug...crying episode #3.
     We got to spend a nice day together on the base and catch up with what he's been through over the last 2 months. As a parent, it's great to see your child stand tall with a sense of pride, especially in that uniform. The next day was the actual graduation ceremony where they recited the Airman's Creed. I think I got more choked up thinking about all of the kids, excuse me...soldiers, that didn't have family there to see them graduate and had no one to tap them on the shoulder. That was sad! Arrangements were made prior for those Airman to leave with other military families...but it's not the same.
     I got to spend 3 great days with my kids and my mom site seeing and spending quality time together. Sunday morning we only had a few hours together before we had to get to the airport and he had to then fly to California. I spent most of the morning hiding my tears from him so I didn't upset him and ruin our last few hours hanging out. My younger son kept telling me he wants to join right out of high school and my daughter is talking about traveling. I suddenly started feeling like I was having a mid-life crisis on the plane. Every time someone asked me the next day how it was I got choked up all over again.

     Within 3 days of being home, I started getting a sore throat, cough, head cold, etc... from stress (both the good and bad).  So here I am home with the opportunity to do all of those things I've had on my "to-do list" and I sat here staring at the computer with  nothing to write until I just started typing and the rest is history. That is how I got the title, looking at a blank screen..."Suddenly... NOTHING"!