Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Fourteen of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

I've been writing my journal entries usually in the morning, recording the previous day's account for food and workouts. It is actually 4:47am Saturday morning right now and although I went to bed at midnight, I've been laying in bed awake since 4:13 when I was awoken by "snake" dreams. For those of you who really know me, I've had a bad phobia of snakes my whole life with frequent nightmares about them. For any of you trying to psychoanalyze me, I already know they represent a "control" issue of some sort in my life depending on my life situations at the time.
As for the reason for the dream tonight, I was out with friends at Cheeseburger in Paradise with some high school friends who were correcting the pronunciation of our town "Secaucus", which is usually mispronounced by anyone NOT from here (pronounced like SEEcaucus) to a non-resident. I told my friends that I was told when I was growing up that it was the Indian name for "land of the snakes", which I always though was ironic that I was living in a town with that name.
I realize this is considered "day 14" because I started recording everything 2 weeks ago on a Saturday, but did my first weigh-in on that Sunday. I really planned on finishing out this journal on Saturday and weighing myself again on Sunday so it was 2 complete weeks. So anyway, here is yesterday's journal:

Friday, February 4th

-7am 2 cups of coffee at home
-9:15am protein bar
*9:30am taught a 45 min. sculpting class at the Secaucus Recreation Center
-11:30am leaving for work in a hurry, I made a mini whole wheat bagel with a slice of soy cheese and a piece of Tofu with salt and pepper and ate it in the car
*worked at HUMC 12-6

-1:45pm 2 packets of sugar-free instant oatmeal (Maple sugar flavored)
-4:15PM (on break at work) had a Starbuck's Iced Coffee with Peppermint, Soy milk and sweet n low with a small bag of soy crisps
*5:00pm took a Brazilian Basics Acai' Blend pill to give me a burst of energy to go to the gym after work and get my hour of cardio in
*For more information on Brazilian Basics Body Slim and other products they have, go to and go to their link.
-5:30pm had a Luna Bar

-7PM had a cup of coffee waiting for Robert so we could go to the gym together (too much caffeine for the day, which might be why I woke up again at 4am)
*went to Retro Fitness, Secaucus and did an hour on the treadmill; ran/jogged 5 miles in 46:47 mins. and then went to a power walk on an incline of 3.5-2.0 and walked one more mile in the remaining 13 mins....then I just stretched
-9:30pm Robert and I met some of my high school friends at Cheeseburger in Paradise and had two drinks (kind of a Margarita, but I tell them very little of the sugary Margarita mix).
-11PM home watching Seinfeld repeats eating 1/2 a bag of Quaker Cheddar flavored rice cakes with Hummus and Tofu
*12:00 BED

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Thirteen of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Thursday, February 3rd

I had a great day, very productive!

-6:45am 2 cups of coffee
-9:45am Protein Bar
*Went tanning & got my eyebrows waxed at Tahitian Tan, post office, dr. apt...

-12:00pm Starbuck's Iced Coffee and "The Kind Bar", which is nuts and dried fruit
*taught a 12:15 spin class at VIP Fitness, Lyndhurst
-2:00pm Protein shake with banana, water/soy milk, flax seeds and Cinnamon

*3:30pm Had a GREAT meeting with Lori Michaels pertaining to my "big project" coming up!
*6:15pm attempted to get my son's hair cut, but there was a line and he didn't want to wait

-7:00pm 2 glasses of In Suto Merlot, Chilean wine (very good)
(ate 5 smileface fries and a few mouthfuls of rice a roni while I was cooking for the family)
-9:30pm rice cakes with hummus and Tofu
-10:00pm cheddar pretzels
*11:15pm BED

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day Twelve of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Wednesday, February 2nd

I woke up in much better spirits today now that my hormones are back in line.... Cindy Fox Fitness is back!!!

-7:00am 2 cups of coffee (of course)

-10am went to Retro Fitness and did 45 mins. of weight machines and abs with my friend Miriam Weiner, "Routes To Roots" (very successful genealogist). I then did 32 mins. on the Elliptical (level 6-9) with Robert (Naked Cowboy)

-12:30pm grilled veggies left over from the night before
*highlighted my own hair:)
-3:00pm EAS Soy Protein shake with a banana, water/soy milk, ice, flax seeds, and cinnamon in blender
-3:30pm coffee & a Luna Bar

*5pm trained a client at VIP Fitness, Lyndhurst
*6pm trained a client at Secaucus Recreation Center
*7:30 cooked Hamburger Helper for the kids and fish and veggies for Robert (unfortunately, I have to buy and cook animals and fish as much as it bothers me, but I am "Mom" first)

*2 glasses of wine (Manuel Campos, Tempranillo)
(Watched "Untamed Heart" with Christian Slater and Marissa Tomei)
*rice cakes with Hummus
*cheddar pretzels
-11:30pm BED

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Eleven of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Tuesday, January 1st

I've mentioned a couple times this week that I was feeling a little down and defeated and it's more than likely due to the hormonal imbalance I've been experiencing due to PMS, and some other things. Usually once I get "it", the mood almost instantly lifts. Although no sign of "it" yet, and despite the fact that I woke up completely drenched and had to change my clothes in the middle of the night, I'm actually in a better mood today. Of course any other issues going on in my life personally is going to have an effect on my mood and exaggerate my emotions, but this journal is not about that. Here it is:

* someone emailed me wanting to know which protein bars I eat...I look for ones that have no animal products or dairy in them: Luna Bars, Cliff Bars, Odwalla Bars, and recently I've been eating some other ones (can't mention the name) that are samples for me to try, also vegan.

-7:00am 1 cup of coffee
-7:30am 1 cup of coffee in the car driving my son to school

*Went straight to Quest Fitness, Hasbrouck Hts. were I had to teach a class at 9:30
*45 mins. on a different kind of Elliptical than I usually use (think it's called Cybex or something like that)
*8 Mins. on Rowing Machine
*taught a 1-hour Power sculpt Class

-11am ate a Luna Bar while food shopping
-1:00pm EAS SOY Protein Shake with Water/soy milk, flax seeds, and ice in blender
-3:00pm coffee at home (Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla) with sweet n low and non-dairy creamer

-4:30 went to Retro Fitness with Robert (Naked Cowboy)
* 30 mins. on treadmill (3 miles)
*3 sets of squats...20 reps of 30lbs, 15 reps. of 40lbs, 13 reps. of 40lbs
*3 sets of biceps 30lb. barbell curls, single arm cable curls, 20lb barbell curls
*3 sets of the kickback machine for hamstrings and glutes
*13 mins. on Stairclimber

**I said I wouldn't weigh myself anytime but the morning, but I couldn't resist since it had been another 5 days.....still 137lbs!

-6:30pm 2 Boca Burgers with 1 slice of soy cheese, pickles, and ketchup (no bread)
-8:00pm grilled veggies (cauliflower & eggplant with a little olive oil, salt and pepper)
-9:00pm cheddar pretzels

*We watched "Man On a Wire"...very interesting
*10:30pm Bed!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day Ten of "Accountability Journal"

Monday, January 31st

-7:00am 2 cups of coffee home
-9:00am Luna Bar
-9:30am taught a 45 min. sculpting class at Secaucus Rec. Ctr.
*went to doctor, made some annoying phone calls, etc..
-12:00pm EAS Soy Protein Shake with water, flaxseed, and a banana

-3:00pm salad w/collard greens, tomatoes, muschrooms, a slice of soy cheese & chick peas with balsamic dressing
-4:45pm coffee
*5:00pm trained a client at VIP Fitness
*6:00pm took dog to vet to remove his cast
7:30pm (pitty party starts) 2 glasses of red wine
-9:00pm a bag of rice cakes (Quaker Rosemary & lemon flavored)
-10:30pm a bowl of Kaeshi cereal with soy milk (I almost NEVER eat cereal with milk)
*11:30pm BED

Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Nine of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Sunday, January 30th

I didn't DARE weigh myself in the morning knowing there was a chance the scale went up. If there's one thing I've learned over the years is to NOT get on a scale when I am PMSing and feeling FAT! That would just set myself up for a miserable day before it even began.

Food and Workout for the Day:

-7am 2 cups of coffee home
*9am went to Retro Fitness with Robert for some cardio and weight training
**33 mins. on the Elliptical (level 6-9)
**2 sets of D.B Rows for back (25 lb. D.B.'s) 15 reps for both sets
**Superset with 2 sets of Straddle Squats into upright rows with 10lb. D.B (20 reps)
**3 sets of cable flys for chest (30lbs/ 15 reps)
**Superset with dead lifts for Hamstrings/Glutes with 30lb. Barbell (20 reps)

(trained a client at 11:15)

-10:30am Protein Shake with soy protein, water/soy milk, flax seeds & ice in Blender
-11am 2 Boca Burgers on plate with ketchup and pickles (no bread)
-1:00pm Iced Coffee from Starbucks w/soy milk and peppermint/sweet n low
(Worked at HUMC from 1-9pm)

-3:00pm bowl of Brussel Sprouts with salt & pepper (brought a frozen bag to work with a bowl and microwaved them)
-4:00pm Odwalla Bar
-5:00pm coffee with non-dairy creamer & sweet n low
-7:45pm bowl of Brussel Sprouts

-10:00pm cheddar pretzels
-11:30 Bed

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Eight of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Sunday, January 30th

There's a part of me wishing I didn't put this out there for everyone to read because I feel that it's probably a disappointment to some people who might be reading it. My intentions were to get inspired and do better since I had to be "accountable" for everything I ate and for my workouts and hopefully show other people that it is also a lot of work for me as well to be in shape.
In a way, I do think it has kept me pretty consistent with my cardio workouts, although it hasn't really curbed my snacking, which I've been doing since I was little. At least now my "snacks" aren't ice cream, licorice, nachos, etc... If your detecting a bit of "negativity" from me at this point, this is just a result of my PMS, which starts 7-10 days prior to the onset. Unfortunately, I was thinking of that when I started this, but after so many years of it, I can at least recognize it and not let it take over me. Oh well, here it is:

Food and Workout for the Day

-7:00am 2 cups of coffee home
-9:15am protein bar on way to gym

*35 mins. Elliptical (level 6-8)
*13 mins. on Stepper (level 1) it seemed a little easier today than the first time I tried it

(trained 2 clients)
-11:45am had a big salad with spinach and collard greens, tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms, and balsamic dressing
-2:00pm coffee at work (worked 1-9pm at HUMC)
-3:30pm protein bar
-5:30pm small bag of Soy Crisps from Duane Reade & Iced Coffee w/Peppermint & Soy milk from Starbucks

-9:00pm Luna Bar on way home from work
-10:00pm cheddar pretzels
-10:30 rice cakes with hummus
*11:30 BED