Friday, August 24, 2007

Under A Magnifying Glass

Don't you love those times when you get all dressed up in your best-fitting clothes for a special night out and your hair and make-up looks perfect, heads are turning and you KNOW you look good? At times like that, I actually like having my picture taken (to prove that I can really look that good!). Then there are those other times when you can't find the right outfit and nothing looks good on (in you own opinion), it's a bad hair day, or for whatever reason, you definitely don't want a photograph taken. Most likely, the only reason you're still going out is because you're obligated to do so; or else you'd be home in your P.J.'s.

How about those "REALITY" shows where people are being filmed from the time they wake up until they go to bed at night? Do you ever wonder if they got up first to put make-up on and fix their hair and then crawl back into bed before the camera guy comes in? Or what about those "heated discussions"? Are they just being dramatic for the camera or is it "Really" how it usually is?

Well, thanks to, I've had a webcam in my house for the last 5 weeks 24/7 filming the infamous "Naked Cowboy" and let me tell you....there's a LOT OF PRESSURE! Ok, so the camera is following him all day, but when he's home (with me) it is catching every move we make, every comment made in the house (naughty or nice!) or my "lack of response" to those comments, my "rolled-out-of-bed" look in the morning, the papers cluttering on the table while I'm checking e-mails, the munching out on Baked Lays Chips(low-fat) in front of the T.V. at night, and everything in between.

Usually, the only time the camera is on me is when I first wake up and having my first cup of coffee, then when I first get back from working out and I'm all sweaty, then again at 10pm when I finally sit down for the first time since my morning coffee and everyone sees me as a couch potato ( chips). Don't get me wrong, there are advantages to it for me as well. I've met some interesting people in the "chat" room, and it's also been great exposure for me because more people go to my website. I've even had a few people order my fitness videos from "Webland".

What they do not see, however, is me teaching a class at the gym at 9am, training a client, going to the bank and post office for Robert (Naked Cowboy) and myself, working a shift at the hospital, and then going to LA Boxing to take a kickbox class (and possibly train another person). That gives me about 20 mins. at night to open my mail or take care of any of my own stuff while I'm cooking a dinner that I'm not even going to eat.

This brings me to the eating aspect of this whole thing. They only see me drinking coffee and eating baked lays chips and wonder how I can be a fitness instructor. They don't know that my breakfast was a protein bar, my lunch was a salad with balsamic vinegar (no croutons, cheese, pasta, etc..), and everything else is either rice cakes, fat-free frozen yogurt (sometimes), maybe another bar or two, and probably a piece of fish that I'm cooking at night...and lots of coffee!

Did I mention I also have three kids and a boyfriend home waiting for me to give them attention when I get home at 9pm (and dinner)? So, is "Reality TV" what's REALLY going on? I think not!