Saturday, March 29, 2014

Challenge Your Trainer...It's YOUR Turn to Motivate!

     I've been a "Group Exercise Instructor" for 30 years putting people on exercise programs before it was even required to be a "Certified Personal Trainer". My first experience with weight training was in a garage at 16 years old with a boyfriend who was using free-weights filled with sand! Being a gymnast and a cheerleader I was already stronger than all of the girls and many of the boys my age, so weight training was a new challenge. Six months later an upscale health club opened in my town called "Club Meadowlands" and I started working there at only 17 years old even though the members had to be 19 to join. That was the start of me overcoming my shyness as well as a lifelong Fitness Career.
     After high school graduation I gained a lot of weight from not being as active so I decided to enter a bodybuilding competition as a goal to get myself back on track.
 Three years later I became pregnant with my first child, which  gave me a new obsession and something to focus on, so I had my first child on my 23rd birthday and a few weeks later I was thinner than I had been in years! It was after my 2nd child that being a "Certified Fitness Instructor" was required so I went from obtaining Primary Aerobics Certification to Step Aerobics, both with AAAI/ISMA, which is the organization the gym brought in to certify all of their instructors.
     I eventually obtained a Kick Box Certification, Spinning, and "Mat Pilates" which is like reading the epilogue to the real "Pilates" certification. My next personal challenge at 29 years old was entering the NJ Championship Fitness Competition, which at that time actually required doing an "Ass-kicking" Routine aside from just looking great and know how to pose.

Considering I had never even gone to watch one, I did ok (3rd from right with orange bikini). Two months later I was pregnant with my thirst child so that was the end of that!
     During this pregnancy I decided that instead of taking another intensive workout certification, I should finally take the Personal Trainer Certification Exam, which I passed because I was a Physical Education Major at Montclair State University and also had the experience of training myself and others for 13 years at that point.
   My next life's challenge was becoming a "single mom" to three young children, trying to support them, go back to school, keep my sanity, and NOT get fat and start "binging" due to stress. I switched to Bergen Community College to become an x-ray tech, bought a condo, and got hired (as a pay-for-hire) to choreograph and be featured in a workout DVD called "The Method Cardio Flexband Workout" produced by Inspired, Corp. which was so exciting and such great experience! When the DVD finally was release and I saw they put a skinny model on the cover I was devastated! I was ready to throw in the towel!
     That's when I decided to produce my own Workout Video and do what I wanted with it. I always remembered how I felt after not being able to workout right away after having my first child because I didn't have a sitter during the day. This was BEFORE all of the "Mommy and Me" workout videos were popular.
     My next certification was the "Urban Rebounder" on the mini-trampoline. I loved Body Attack by Les Mills but stressed out over memorizing routines constantly. The most challenge certification of all was when I went to California for a 5-day intensive Level  Suhaila Salimpour Belly Dance Techniques Certification.
. She is not just your average "shake your ass around" kind of Belly Dancer. Her style is so musculature based that every move she makes is a conscious effort of control each freaking hard but I love it!
     My next challenge was at 39 when I decided to enter the Liberty State Park 1/2 Marathon Race even though I had never entered a race before.
I finished the race in a time that was acceptable to me, and although I pulled a ligament and limped for several months, I felt great to have done it. Although I have entered two Mud Run type races, I will not enter any long distance races since I can feel my injury recurring.
     The last 8 years I have spent a lot of time, money, heart & soul into a venture completely unrelated to anything I knew in my whole life growing up. Stepping into the role of "The Naked Cowgirl of Times Square" was a huge challenge!

Not only did I have to learn to play a guitar,
figure out a way to stay in "bikini shape" all year around (despite my eating disorders), sing in pubic which I NEVER would do, but now also juggle one more career in my life. I have become known worldwide, have a song on iTunes (Ride It Like A Cowgirl)
, have been on major TV Networks, photographed by people from all over the world, and on the Front Page of The Wall Street Journal!  What more can a girl ask for?
     So here I am 47 years old with my last child graduating high school and the first one overseas in his 3rd year of the United States Air Force. Thank God my daughter is still home or I'd have serious "Empty Nest" syndrome! Yes, I think I'm having a "midlife crisis" and am ready for the next "challenge" in my life...and I don't mean the bad kind.
     I'm sure all Trainers, Teachers, Gurus, Motivational Speakers, etc...go through this at one time or another in which they wonder "what is next?".  I know I motivate and inspire people who come take my classes and that I train, and even my friends, co-workers, and acquaintances from Times Square, but sometimes I wonder "How will I Stay motivated to continue inspiring them"?
     This is where all of you come in. I am looking for suggestions from all of YOU who have had the great opportunity of having a trainer, signing up for every NEW Fad that comes along, and constantly being stimulated and challenged by taking new classes to keep your workout fresh and interesting. My new goal is to put myself in YOUR shoes and try the new trend, take new classes, and feel sore as hell every week whether it's from a Crossfit Class, a Les Mills Body Combat, VIP Fitness Bootcamp, etc...I WANT YOUR FEEDBACK!  I expect everyone reading this to not only reply with your suggestions for me, tell me your favorite new workout, but to also subscribe to my blog and "SHARE" it!
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