Monday, July 2, 2007

Never Good Enough?

Whether you've always struggled with your weight or have been thin and always felt flabby, the feeling of DISsatisfaction is not a pleasant feeling. If you lived on a deserted island with no one to see what you looked like or comment on your body, would it still bother you? If the answer is "NO", then you are feeling pressure from family, friends, or society in general. Sometimes the ones closest to us give us the worst complex, perhaps without realizing it (WE HOPE!).

It is in these cases that the very person giving you the complex usually has the worst self-complex, even if he/she seems to be a confident person. These "critical" people have such high standards of what things "should" look like that even they cannot meet up to their own standards and are easily disgusted by any reminder of that. It is important for the development of your own self-esteem to recognize what your "OWN" standards are (not those set by your parents, spouse, etc...) and set YOUR goals accordingly.

If your answer to my first question was "yes", you would still be unhappy with youself if no one was around to see you, then you need to make some changes. The first step is setting realistic goals for yourself and writing them down in a journal of some sort. Make a list of the changes you'll need to make and of the "SUPPORTIVE" people in your life that can help you obtain these goals. It's much easier when you have other people in your life on the same plan. And remember...when you feel you are making progress, don't let ANYONE make you feel as if you haven't!

  • Let a nutritionist make some simple revisions to your existing eating habits
  • Weight Watcher's is very simple to follow and has a great support system
  • Replace old, bad habbits with new "Positive" ones
  • Engage in physical activities you can enjoy,rather than sitting around watching TV
  • Read inspirational materials to help motivate you, "Awaken The Giant Within", by Anthony Robbins was a big help for me
  • Hire a trainer...Cindy Fox Fitness, LLC (that's me!)
  • e-mail me with any questions or just for a pep-talk!