Thursday, October 16, 2008

Spice Up Your Life this Autumn!

One of the benefits of living in New Jersey is having four Seasons...and that distinct feeling of change that comes with each one. What a great loss it would be to not take advantage and experience your life in a slightly different manor, and really live your life through different eyes every three months. For if you never expand your awareness beyond your daily routine, you will never experience the abundance the world has to offer.
I personally feel the strongest changes, both emotionally and physiologically as we enter Autumn and Spring. It's only three weeks into the Fall season and I have instantly transformed from Cindy Lee to "Sara Lee", although at this point in time Rachel Ray would be a more appropriate analogy. I practically starve myself all during the "summer" season because it's bikini season and I feel the pressure of having to be in good shape. But the first chilly day...I can't wait to put my clothes back on and find a new recipe to make! I put on my favorite cooking music(soundtrack from Chocolat, Practical Magic or City of Angels), light my candles, open a bottle of wine, and and spend hours in the kitchen.I don't even know who's going to eat it all, but I don't even care!
For some people, the cooler weather means they can now participate in more outdoor activities without getting heat stroke. I personally have no problem running outside when it's 90 degrees; and although I do prefer doing it when it's in the
70's, once I feel a slight chill on my ears, it's back to the treadmill I go. For sports fans, the fall means getting out of the hot sun of the baseball games and getting ready for hours of tailgating at football games...Go Giants!
I'm not thrilled with the "Back to School" displays of September, but I love the festivities of October...Halloween Costumes, pumpkin picking, and the scent of spiced candles. Even breweries take advantage of the Autumn Season to put out their "Harvest Blend" beer. I'm not a beer drinker, but I will take advantage of this time of year to have some cider jack if the occasion should arrise...Octoberfest!
Even if you're oblivious to all of these changes, you can't ignore the fall falliage! Unless you you never leave New York City (which is still no excuse because Central Park is beautiful right now!), or you only drive the NJ Turnpike exits 12through 16, you can't avoid seeing the many different colors of the leaves on the trees. There's even a difference in the air...a cool, more crisp feeling when you take a breathe. Get out and take a walk, or go sit on a park bench and do nothing...just notice the change and enjoy!