Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's Resolution...or Lifestyle Change?

January 1st is probably the most popular time of any given year for the majority of people to START new resolutions and make changes in their lives. The question long does that "change" last? I have also made many "New Year's Resolutions" in my lifetime, and also had a ritual of writing in my journal every New Year's Eve since I always stayed home with my kids anyway. Although I used to write frequently in my journal about my goals throughout the year, New Year's Eve was the night to reflect on the past and see if I accomplished any of those goals set the prior years.
          I stopped writing in my journal a couple years ago and stopped focusing on my goals for the future and have realized that without having goals, we do not move forward and grow. If we do not move forward and grow...we shrivel up and slowly die mentally, physically, and emotionally.
I realized I have been through WAY TOO MUCH in my life to get weak now and give up! I have stumbled on a new journal in Five Below while Christmas shopping a few weeks ago and decided it was time to gain control of my life again and make things happen!
          As a great "multi-tasker" with a touch of ADHD I've learned that writing down goals, making lists, and checking them frequently is VERY important for me to stay on track and follow through with my goals and plans for the future. Without setting goals and constantly updating them, it's very easy to lose sight of your own life's plans and desires, which for many can lead to depression.
Whether you're trying to quit smoking for the 5th time, staring your 50th "diet", or just trying to finish a project you started 6 years ago (like the book I started!), giving up will NEVER accomplish just consider today a NEW day with new energy to help you get through it and take one step at a time!
          I believe God brings people and circumstances into our lives to teach us certain lessons. Sometimes those "lessons" are not clear and might even seem like cruel punishments that we're not sure exactly what for, but if we keep an open, non-judgmental mind, we might actually learn a valuable lesson that will change our lives forever! We do NOT need to wait until January 1st of each year to have this amazing realization. Now is the time, and it's ALL that we have, so state your goals here and let's do it together!