Thursday, May 1, 2008

Do Over

I've heard many people say, "If only I could do it over". This implies that they'd do things differently if given another chance. If you had the chance to go back in time and change something you did, would you?
Having all circumstances exactly the same as they were back then, what makes you think you'd make a different decision? Wasn't the choice you made at the time right for you at that time? And if you knew at the time you were making a "mistake", what factors drove you to take that path anyway? I think of those factors as curve balls the universe throws at us to guide us down certain paths.
Think of one of the most painful experiences you ever had that was due to a choice you made. Can you find ANY good that came out of that experience? Maybe an important lesson learned that prevented you or someone else from future pain? Or maybe this decision made you stronger in some way or more understanding of others? If you think of all the events that occurred in your life following that experience imagine they never existed...would you still want to undo that so called "mistake"?
Isn't it true that when we lose something, we gain something else? There have been times in the past when some "great" opportunities slipped out from under me and I was very disappointed. Almost every time though, an even better opportunity emerged. So why is it that we sometimes struggle when faced with difficult decisions with fear of regret or worry about making a "mistake"? Often the clouds are infront of the sun so we can't see it...but it is there and will shine again.
I believe that everything happens for a reason, regardless of how long it takes to realize what that reason is. These "forks in the roads" are essential to our growth as spiritually and emotionally fulfilled human beings. Would you really want a "DO OVER" and miss out on these great learning lessons in life?
I dedicate this to my biggest so called "mistake" I made in my life that took a very long time to stop regretting and appreciate what I now have instead. "The Five People You meet in Heaven", by Mitch Albom is a great book to read if you agree with my thoughts on this matter.