Monday, January 24, 2011

Day Two of "Accountability" Journal...Cindy Fox Fitness

Sunday, January, 23rd

I started the morning with my usual 2 cups of coffee at home while waking up and checking emails. I decided to workout on an empty stomach so my body would start burning the "stored" sugar and fat, rather than have extra calories to work off. I don't always do this though.

Workout of the day:

-walked on treadmill with slight incline 14 mins. doing one mile (a good warm-up)
-3 sets of dumbbell flys: 20lb D.B's/30 reps, 25lb's. D.B./15 reps, 25 lb. D.B. 12 reps
-3 sets dumbbell bicep curls with 20lb. D.B's
-3 sets tricep press downs with cables (single arm) 20 lbs. 12-15 reps.
-3 sets of "kickbacks" on machine for glutes and hamstrings (although I felt my quads on this particular machine)

-jogged 3.35 miles on treadmill in 30 mins.
-15 mins. on elliptical (1.5 miles) on levels 7-9


-protein bar (was meeting my mom, aunt Barbara, and friend Miriam at diner and knew there would be nothing there I should/would eat...just had 2 more cups of coffee there)

-2 Tofu hot dogs with a slice of soy cheese on a mini-wheat bagel with ketchup (at home)
-bowl of spinach leaves with a tomato and balsamic dressing

-Starbucks iced coffee with soy milk, peppermint, and sweet n low (at Barnes & Noble with Robert and my Godson, Joseph)

-2 glasses of red wine
-cheddar cheese pretzels

-a whole bag of Quaker Rice Cakes (Lemon and Rosemary flavored) with Hummus (a bit too much)
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