Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day One of "Accountability" Journal...Cindy Fox Fitness

For anyone reading this that doesn't already know, I'm mostly vegan with the exception of occasionally using half n half in my coffee if I can't get soy milk. If I'm home I use non-dairy creamer. That means I don't eat animals or anything made with eggs or milk, and the only fish I'll eat is scallops, mussels, clams (if cooked) and of course, Blue Island Shellfish Farm's Naked Cowboy Oysters! Most of my protein intake is from soy products, chickpeas, beans, soy protein powder, and protein bars not made with milk or eggs.

Saturday, January 22nd (mentally preparing, but NOT weighed in until Sunday)

7am- 2 cups of coffee (sweet n low and non-dairy creamer)
9am- Protein Bar (new one...was sent a case to try)

workout (Retro Fitness)
-light weight workout with machines...7 sets in total and some abdominal work on mat
-36 minutes on treadmill (4.1 miles)
30 minutes on elliptical (forward and reverse), level 6 (3.08 miles)

-11:45am... soy protein shake w/ half water/half soy milk light & 2 tbs. of flax seeds
-1:30pm... bowl of green beans left in fridge (I think it had margarine on it)
-2:30... (wanted to eat, but got a coffee instead) Starbucks grande iced coffee with peppermint, soy milk & sweet n low
-3:00... a Luna Bar while food shopping

-6:30... pm started drinking wine (red, 2 & 1/2 glasses with ice throughout the night) and practiced guitar for 45 mins. (I had been slacking)
-8pm... (getting into the bewitching hours...the snacking begins) started snacking on honey mustard pretzels while cooking for family (chicken, rice, and mixed vegetables). Unfortunately, I still have to cook things for them that I don't eat, but I made myself grilled eggplant, red pepper, and mushrooms and ate a few mouthfuls of white rice
-9:30... 1/2 bag (the bigger one) of Quaker Rice Cakes (lemon and rosemary flavored) with hummus
*Bed by 11pm

First Weigh-In Sunday morning at Retro Fitness (will only use the same scale with clothes and NO shoes, in the morning, every 3 to 4 days)....137 lbs.

* just for perspective...I weighed 128 when I graduated high school, went up to 150 by 19 yrs. old, down to 125 for a bodybuilding, and have fluctuated between 134 and 148 during my bulimic days. Since I became vegetarian 2 years ago, I dropped down and maintained an average of 135-139. I'd love to see what 130 looks like again:)

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