Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day Four of "Accountability Journal"...Cindy Fox Fitness

Tuesday, January, 25th
I will admit that I'm feeling a bit discouraged and I'm not sure if it's just PMS sneaking up on me or the fact that I didn't get to do cardio and feel like I broke my own goal of 1 hour of cardio each day for two weeks. I hear this from my clients and now you're hearing it from me. Family and work completely consumed my day yesterday into the night and I just couldn't squeeze it in.
My plan was to be out of the house by 8am to get to the gym to weigh myself and do cardio, get to the other gym to teach at 9:30, shower and get to the hospital by noon. Since we only have 1 bathroom and someone went into the shower just as I was about to, everything got pushed back and....well, I was in "a mood" for a while.


9am Luna Bar (on way to teach a class)
*9:30am taught 1 hour Powersculpt Class at Quest Fitness, Hasbrouck Hts.
11:45 mixed grilled veggies (From Cafe' Policastro before work
1:15 Odwalla Bar at work
2:30 handful of pretzels with some hummus at work
4pm Iced Coffee from Starbucks
7pm Luna Bar on way home from work
8pm Penfold's Rawson's Retreat Shiraz/Cabernet (1 & 1/2 glasses)
*practiced on guitar 1/2 hour
9pm rice cakes with hummus and Tofu
10pm some pretzels
*11pm BED

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