Thursday, June 11, 2009

Atlantic City Follow Up

After reading over one of my own blogs from June '07 describing my annual weekend in Atlantic City for my Fitness Convention, I feel a need to contrast it with my recent trip last week. Being a divorced mom of three (now teenage) children, going from one job to another, and running around like a "chicken without a head", I very rarely have a couple days alone to move about at my leisure. My description of my fitness convention 2 yrs. ago, when I went alone for the first time in years was a clear indication of what it's like to let a bird out of it's cage...out of control!
Of course I always go to my morning classes in hopes of learning some new moves to do in my kickbox or step classes, or maybe get some good ideas to try with my clients, but I usually take off after lunch if it's nice out to hit the beach. The difference two years was that I went alone but had friends to meet up with and treated the day as one big party, drinking on the beach, in the casinos, happy hour with my friends, and continuing into the night. Needless to say, I missed my classes the next morning...NOT GOOD!
This year I brought my two sons, one whom was taking classes and the personal trainer exam, and my 13 yr. old whom I got to spend some "quality" time with. We went to the beach after lunch and I did get "A drink", we walked the boardwalk and shopped, and then my older son met up with us and we all went to Rainforest Cafe' for dinner. It was a great opportunity to spend time with them without the interruptions of my hectic schedule, their video games, or other family members being around to take my attention.
I was actually in bed by 10pm and up early, feeling great and ready for my morning classes. I did get some new ideas for my classes, bought 4 new Cd's for my classes and a new pair of cross trainers. Maybe if I plan these "get away" weekends more often I wouldn't be like a bird out of a cage when the opportunity arises.
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